Members of the Association

European Law Enforcement Agencies, ministries of interior, forensic institutes and other European public security practitioners as well as relevant research technology organisations and industrial partners comprise the association.

ADITESS ADDITESS Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd
AIT AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH>
BFP Belgian Federal Police
BSC Barcelona Supercomputing Center
CERTH Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

Information Technologies Institute / Visual Computing Lab

ZRK Center for Risk and Crises Management-CRC
DMISC Délégation ministérielle aux industries de sécurité et à la lutte contre les cybermenaces

(Ministerial delegation for security industries and fight against cyberthreats)

DCU Dublin City University

Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics

NL LEA Dutch Finance Investigations
VICOMTECH Fundación Centro de Tecnologías de Interacción Visual y Comunicaciones


GEND Gendarmerie nationale
IANUS IANUS Consulting ltd
INOV INOV INESC Inovaçao - Instituto de Novas Tecnologias
Law and Internet Foundation Law and Internet Foundation
Legind Technologies Legind Technologies
L3CE Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research and Education
MT LEA Maltese Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security - Police Department
NICC Nationaal Instituut voor Criminalistiek en Criminologie

Institut National de Criminalistique et de Criminologie

PJ Polícia Judiciária
POLIISI Poliisi - NBI Forensic Laboratory
ES SoSS Spanish Ministry of Interior
POLISEN Swedish Police Authority
NPN The National Police of the Netherlands (NPN)
UvA University of Amsterdam
UCD CCI University College Dublin - Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation
UKON University of Konstanz
ZITIS Zentrale Stelle fuer Informationstechnik im Sicherheitsbereich
Regis G. Regis Guyonnet
Patrick P. Patrick Padding

Documents of interest

Below we present a list of documents that we consider might be of interest to the community.

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